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Munich Sportfestival Weekend 2015 - Part of the Turi-Tour surrounding the FPAW 2015

Date: July 3rd - 5th (the weekend after FPAW in Karlsruhe)


The Munich Sportfestival is a non-commercial spread-the-sport event for many "alternative sports" (one-day sunday) organized by the city, it costs no entry and there will be around

30 000 people visiting.

We will assemble our booth and jamming area in the morning, the rest of the day we will be presenting and teaching Freestyle Frisbee, this time likely together with other fisbee sports, and also play a stage show on the central stage of the festival.
The Munich Jammers will attend this event, and everyone is welcome to join the spreading, or check out the rest of the festival, or jam elsewhere in the city, it is up to you. This is on Sunday, July 5th.


Friday, we can meet up for an afternoon/evening jam and go out to dinner together.

Saturday is all for jamming, and we would like to do a spontaneous HAT tournament as well on that day, in our beautiful spot in the grand Park ("English Garden"). Feel free to wear your swim-stuff and take a dip in the nearby famous Eisbach (Ice-brook) together with the surfboard dudes.
A city tour, a beergarden visit, and whatever else people want to do on this weekend and the surrounding days... we can make it happen.
The Alps are about an hour away (by train or by car), in case you would like to go for a hike.

We can accommodate about 10 Guests at our appartments, or we can assist you to find a hotel or hostel nearby.

Report on the Munich Sportfestival 2013
This Artical reports the Activity of the Freestyle Frisbee players at the Sportfestival 2013.
Report on the munich sportfestival.pdf
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